We provide South Florida communities the chance to participate in social, professional, and cultural events that allow those who typically live segregated lives the valuable opportunity to meet, learn, interact, and connect with each other.

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A widely reported survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 75 percent of white people in the United States don’t have any black friends and 65 percent of black people have no white friends.


The weight of history, bias, and segregation mean we don’t really know each other -- we don’t visit each other’s homes, confide in each other, or celebrate together. When leaders call for a national conversation on race, we just aren’t at the table together. In fact, there is no table.


Laws don’t change hearts and minds. But dinners can. South Florida People of Color believes that our Awkward Dinner series can push our communities out of their comfort zones by creating deep and meaningful conversations around race.


This is the crux of our country’s most persistent problem and one that the Awkward Dinner fearlessly addresses, giving people “new circles” to run in.


We are proud to have been awarded the 2018 Philanthropy Miami Shark Tank award for our Awkward Dinner series.


Awkward Dinners are intended to gather small groups of diners in public or private spaces for facilitated discussions on race. In contrast with our award-winning Unity360 Community Race Dialogues, where we can have from 30 to 70 participants, Awkward Dinners provide a more intimate setting in which to express feelings and be heard, and the chance to learn how to disrupt racism in our daily lives.  The “awkward” part comes when participants step outside of their comfort zones to share and learn from diverse perspectives on race.


The bottom line is simple: we want whites and People of Color to get to know each other personally and use this unique discussion format to test their fears, debunk stereotypes, and develop empathy.  











If you have already completed the Intake Questionnaire and would like to participate in the January 25 Awkward Dinner in North Miami, let us know at info@southfloridapoc.org

Next steps:  We will review the results of the Intake form to determine mix of guests, activities and food selection.  We will send out a registration link to reserve your seat.

The price of this Awkward Dinner is $40.